Sometimes criminals themselves help to fight cybercrimes. After all, the darknet is a jar of spiders. All these trading platforms do not like each other very much, and therefore they actively try to mess up competitors.

Recently, there was information that the “darknet” has shrunk by 85 percent. Such calculations were made by the OnionScan project. If in April 2016 there were about 30 thousand resources in the network, then by the beginning of March 2017 there were only 4.4 thousand. Researchers attribute this to the termination of the popular Sigaint mail service on the “shadow” Internet, as well as a hacker attack in February on a large hosting FreedomHostingII. Then the same message appeared on more than ten thousand hacked “onion” sites, in which the hacker explained that he decided to “punish” the hosting provider for child porn, which was found in many on the servers of FreedomHostingII. Alexander Vurasko is skeptical about this news.

“The number of resources in Tor has decreased, so it will increase somewhere else.

After all, buyers are also forced to “dig” even deeper, seven years ago they could not be lured into the “darknet”, — the expert states. — Many still do not understand the difference between crimes in the field of information technology and crimes involving their use. Therefore, the management of “K” is trying to “attract” absolutely everything that happens on the Internet, although it is engaged in combating crimes in the field of telecommunications, which would be unthinkable without the functioning of such technologies.”

However, the current realities are such that every policeman should be a bit of an IT specialist, he believes. “A large number of crimes occur due to banal ignorance, because the level of computer literacy in our country is very low, and information technologies are developing so fast that people do not have time to adapt to them,” notes Alexander Vurasko. — This is quite applicable to law enforcement officers. The precinct officer should know, at least, what an IP address is and where to write a request if he was approached with a statement regarding a page in social networks.”



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